Our Member Community: A Definition

We celebrate, and at the same time fiercely defend, our like-minded and values-based culture. We enjoy the fellowship, spirit, and true partnership dynamics that are created by the sum of our parts. We believe that it is important to develop a business based upon our Human Quotient™ philosophies of leadership, which as applied, create liberty and infinite reward for all.

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From Bradley Shepherd: Are You Really Independent?

Michael O Brooks Founder & Chairman
"In the rush of life, may you take the time for the people and activities that refresh your soul; May you be blessed with the wisdom to focus on what’s important and avoid urgency.”

Michael O. Brooks established Founders Financial, Inc. in 1992 as a unique, private member enterprise serving independent wealth advisors. From its inception, Founders Financial offered a choice the industry had not yet delivered—the ability to remain an independent advisor who is also an integral member of a highly-engaged community of professionals able to benefit from the relationships and resources commonly associated with a larger organization.

The Founders Financial platform is all-inclusive and includes a private, full service broker dealer, Founders Financial Securities, LLC; and a full service insurance company, the Founders Financial Insurance Network; and a customized technology platform that drives efficiency and time management.

Founders Financial embraces independence and believes that above all else, the Human Quotient™ is what matters most. As such, the enterprise actively promotes the growth of each Member Partner and, in return, each Member Partner contributes to the on-going development and enrichment of the company by actively sharing their input, ideas, and insights. In this manner, all of Founders Financial benefits from the individual strengths of each Member Partner and the company’s expressed purpose of Shared Resources, Shared Values is realized.

As chief executive officer of Founders Financial, Michael was responsible for the vision of the corporation, as well as the substantial growth it has enjoyed under his guidance. As a leader, Michael is a highly dedicated visionary who is motivated to work with individuals seeking professional advancement and greater purpose. Mike is also a coach and drives his philosophies through a leadership system he invented years ago, known as the Strategic Enterprise Program™ (SEP™). The SEP™ is a system that builds upon the foundation of business efficiency and structure. The SEP™ incorporates elements of servant leadership, embraces the called purpose of the enterprise, holds each participant to a greater standard of achievement, and then measures the achieved results.

Michael is a tireless reader, civic leader, and philanthropist. He invests time and resources in the community of Towson, Maryland, where the corporate headquarters are located. He is an avid historian with special interest in the “American Experience”. Mike is highly active in physical training, fly fishing, and golf. However, his greatest passion in life will always remain his beloved wife Karen and their four children.

Bradley M. Shepherd President & CEO
"The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created -- created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one that we are creating.” - John Schaar

Bradley M. Shepherd is the President & CEO of Founders Financial, Inc., a private member enterprise serving independent wealth advisors. Brad has been with the company since 1997. In his current role, Brad’s primary responsibilities include overseeing Founders’ overall strategic vision, upholding the company mission, and Member Partner development.

As the company’s visionary, Brad is also focused on the future growth of the company. “Founders Financial is a unique enterprise, built by and for our Member Partners. Unlike the typical broker dealer who is driven strictly by financial gains, we are motivated by the professional success of our Member Partners and the trusted relationships we have with each of them. This is what differentiates us, and what will allow us to continue to thrive,” Shepherd said.

During the early stages of his career Brad was the Senior Financial Planner with Brooks Financial Group, Inc., specializing in wealth management planning for individuals and business owners, with a particular focus on families, retirees and small businesses. He is a Chartered Financial Consultant, served on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Chapter of the Society of Financial Services Professionals, and has served as Vice President for the Financial Planning Association of Maryland. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dickinson College. He also holds the Series 4, 6, 7, 24, 53, 63 and 65 licenses from Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Peter J. Murphy, CFA President & Chief Investment Officer Freedom Capital Management Strategies®

Peter Murphy joined Founders Financial Securities, LLC, in 2012 and was named President of Freedom Capital Management Strategies®, the firm’s institutional asset management platform, in 2014.

In this role, Peter leads the strategic growth and development of Freedom Capital Management Strategies® and is responsible for overseeing the platform’s investment, sales & marketing, and operations teams.

Prior to joining Founders Financial, Peter was a member of the Notre Dame Investment Office with responsibility for overseeing investments in the University’s multi-billion dollar endowment fund.

Peter earned his B.B.A in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

Joseph V. Krcma Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Founders Financial Securities, LLC (FFS), Joe leads the Compliance and Stakeholder Support teams as they work in conjunction with Member Partner Firms, helping to ensure they remain compliant with all of the industry’s pertinent laws and regulations as well as FFS operational procedures. Joe is also key to the communications function within FFS, keeping the firm and Member Partners informed about developments within FFS as well as in the industry and providing ongoing compliance education and oversight.

Joe joined FFS in May of 2014, bringing with him nearly 20 years of industry experience. Prior to FFS, Joe held the position of Senior Compliance Officer with Legg Mason, having spent over thirteen years with the firm. Prior to Legg Mason, Joe was a Brokerage Operations Manager & Broker for T. Rowe Price. Joe is a graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) holding a B.A in both Economics and Business Administration, Joe also holds his Series 7,9,10, 24, 53, 63, and 65 licenses.

Member Testimonials

Founders Team

At Founders Financial I find great value in the overall servant leadership culture of the organization. We are a private Member Partner organization that was established by independent financial professionals for those seeking an independent distribution partner. Founders Financial is a place where you have a voice and are able and required to participate in the custom development of the enterprise. A custom practice management system, mentoring, sharing of ideas and concepts, and the ability to work with other Member Partners are all important aspects of what I value most about Founders Financial.

The belief system upon which Founders has been developed is truly unique in any setting, much less an industry which is laden with mediocrity, skepticism, and tainted benchmarks. Partnering with such wonderful people who profoundly believe that at the heart of any good proposition lies people of like-minded focus and commitment continues to be a breath of fresh air. The uncompromising dedication Founders demonstrates day in and day out never goes unnoticed and/or unappreciated. Their unwavering determination to see that each and every Member Partner or Professional Administrators that they touch realizes their respective dreams redefines kind-hearted. I am hopeful that Founders understand how proud and honored I am to be a Member Partner within such a phenomenal organization.

Founders Financial is the perfect fit for anyone serious about growing an enterprise that serves their dream, rather than becoming a slave to it. I joined Founders Financial looking for customized resources, world-class service and a place where relationships and fellowship are primary to the organization. Founders Financial offers a full suite of services; a custom built full-service broker dealer: Founders Financial Securities, LLC, a practice development program that has enabled us to grow and more than double our business with full access to insurance markets with Founders Financial Insurance Network, a private resource to Member Partners.

I've always been an independent advisor and as such have worked with a variety of organizations. None of which has ever fulfilled me to the scope and manner of Founders Financial. I enjoy the deep relationships with Founders Financial corporate staff and with my other Member Partners. There is not a week that goes by that I don't engage in some meaningful conversations with them about my business. My vision and role today is that of CEO caring for the needs and dreams of my private clients. Founders Financial and their corporate team help me live that each day.

After 20 plus years in the investment business, and having an opportunity to work with four different broker dealers in that time, it is astonishing that Founders Financial and our private broker dealer, Founders Financial Securities, LLC has come up with a model that works! The typical BD is built around the 80% of their “reps” that do relatively low to moderate production, but which require massive supervision and BD resources. The more tenured, higher quality 20% of their reps are then forced to live by the bureaucracy established to manage the masses. Founders Financial has turned this model upside down. All of Founders Financials’ Member Partners come from that top 20% of high quality professional seeking the same thing; respect, a voice, and the ability to associate and shine with others who are like-minded as professionals. Everything from Stakeholder Services to Compliance is custom designed to meet the needs of this select Member Partner Community of independent financial professionals. It is the first BD I have seen that actively builds and refines its processes based on Member Partner identified resources. This BD was built for and built by its Member Partners. What a great idea! If you have the opportunity to be invited to discover and join into this private Member Community, don't pass it up. There is nothing else like it out there.

Through Founders Financial I have gained access to everything I could ever need and want in the way of risk management products, services, and customized resources. Founders Financial is the only organization I have found which, like me, puts trust, integrity, professionalism, family and sharing at the forefront of its purpose.

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