Our Mission

The Mission of Founders Financial, Inc. is To Positively Impact the Lives and Professions of Those We Serve, Always Building A Community Of Spirit And Purpose As We Grow Our Collective Human Quotient™

The unique difference between our service offerings compared to most others is best found in the purpose of our actions. At the time of our launch in 1994, great emphasis was placed upon building our "tools" as aligned with our collective heart which is represented in our Mission, Vision & Value Proposition.

It remains our firm belief as an enterprise that, through our Finite Focus of building and honoring relationships, we will mutually achieve the Infinite Rewards that are created from an empowered, trusting group of like-minded purpose-based leaders.

Guiding Principles


I consider the most enviable of titles the character of an honest man.

George Washington

At Founders Financial we maintain the highest degree of service and professionalism in everything we do. We value absolute honesty and integrity in every interaction – and we settle for nothing less. Likewise, our Member Partners are professionals who have earned the respect of their peers and who work hard at building relationships that are founded on traditional business values.

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

Thomas Jefferson

Founders Financial is dedicated to the continued success of its Member Partners and we, nor they, are satisfied with the status quo. Our goal is to expand and explore all this industry affords us, effectively utilizing its offerings in such a manner that all within our private Member Partner Community may benefit. Founders Financial examines industry data and helps firms apply the technologies and processes which are crucial to their success. Founders Financial also provides networking opportunities and the tools and training necessary to grow and develop as servant leaders.

One man with courage makes a majority.

Andrew Jackson

Leaders create vision with direction. They understand that knowledge, perseverance, and trustworthiness are essential to the direction of the enterprise. Each of our core vendor partners possess financial strength and stability, a proven track record of successful partnerships, a strong commitment to marketing and innovation, and a high level of accountability.

A desire to be… esteemed, and admired by his fellows is one of the earliest… dispositions discovered in the heart of man.

John Adams

Commitment is the shared responsibility to drive one another and the organization to the highest standards of professionalism and achievement. Founders Financial is a private community comprised of like-minded financial advisors, Member Partners. All Member Partners are proven leaders who enrich the organization of Founders Financial by actively sharing their unique abilities. Member Partner Firms are devoted to the expansion and future success of the enterprise, which provides the opportunity for ownership in Founders Financial, LLC to all qualifying Member Partners. As an organization, we respect the Member Partner Firm’s independence and in return, Founders Financial Member Partners are loyally dedicated to the success and growth of the enterprise.

The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.

Benjamin Franklin

Embrace opportunity and growth follows. Founders Financial is focused on growth. We develop tools and systems that strengthen the individual skill sets, organizational effectiveness, and talents of our Member Partners. We succeed and grow by sharing knowledge, resources, and our Member Partners’ unique capabilities. Founders Financial’s educational programs always guarantee positive results – both professionally and personally. We also host an Annual National Leadership Conference where Member Partners network with peers, industry leaders, core vendor partners, and our Founders Financial team. This event educates, inspires, and accentuates Member-to-Member relationships.

Our Values

While every company changes and evolves over time, Founders Financial has always held resolved to its core purpose - to strengthen the success and significance of its Member Partner leaders. Founders Financial strives to develop permanent relationships, which are built on trust and integrity, and welcomes serious professionals who share our passions.

Our Dream Vision – Established in 1981

To be esteemed in the highest measure by all stakeholders.
Create a servant leadership environment driving and guiding our actions to our enterprise dream.
Demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism and care throughout at all levels of the enterprise.
Always seek to understand the matters of importance first; then act!
Develop and build trusted, value-based relationships within all levels to create a private community of shared values and shared resources.
Expand our collective knowledge; Inspire innovative thinking throughout the enterprise; Empower a community to lead; Build the asset value of FFI such that the enterprise provides economic opportunity to all stakeholders.
Truly never lose sight of the fact that we are all independent and as such we all have a choice.