Strategic Enterprise Leadership

A Discovery in Servant Leadership

In 1987, Michael Brooks, the Founder and CEO of Founders Financial, Inc., set out to create a program for himself that would instill in him a defined and ritualistic process to promote self-discovery, self-order, and life balance to promote happiness and intentional leadership. In 1997, Mike expanded his personal program by introducing a system of tools, process, and methodologies that could guide and enrich other business leaders through servant leadership principles and systems. Since 1997, Mike has been utilizing and innovating the platform while serving thousands of individuals and professionals as a coach, mentor, and virtual CEO.

Strategic Enterprise Stands Ready... Partner as Your Guide to Discovery!

The program, and Michael's passion for its teachings, has been the catalyst for many leaders to grow and expand their businesses, but most importantly, doing so through a balanced, orderly process that promotes happiness.

SEP™ is a personal and intentionally unique experience

Make no mistake, SEP™ is not a "trial" system, it takes requirement, accountability, and commitment. It is a discovery of authentic and personal leadership whose intention is to attract, develop, and serve relationships. The level of effort and amount of heart one invests in this journey will determine the value and outcome of their own SEP™ experience.

  • Pyramid Human Quotient Foundation of Character
  • Sun Burst Infinite Rewards
  • Irish Symbol Celtic Symbol for Heart
  • Abintus Proferet Bring Forth From Within

See It – Take It – Live It

Define who you are and what is important.
Define the tactical elements of your living vision plan.
Create your own unique mission and the vision plan that ultimately leads to your dream.
Construct the systems and processes to tactically execute, grow, and achieve your dream.
Define and building your unique and empowered tribe.
Execute management and reporting systems to measure effectiveness.
Examine the measured effectiveness of your purposed works in pursuit of your dream.