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Founders Financial Apprenticeship Institute®

Growing the Wealth Management Leaders of Tomorrow®

This highly selective leadership development institute is designed for individuals seeking to pursue a career in wealth management. The program curriculum offers a unique opportunity to attain the skills and certifications necessary to become an effective Professional Wealth Advisor while studying the principles of servant leadership that promote continual and holistic personal growth.


About the Institute

Upon acceptance into the Institute, the apprentice will begin a five-year journey of advanced experiential learning. Each apprentice is immersed in a curriculum curated to their development as a wealth management professional and is assigned to a senior wealth advisor, who serves as a mentor throughout the experience. The program will provide each apprentice the uncommon opportunity to develop an excellence in the technical skills required to succeed as a wealth management professional while also exploring the disciplines of servant leadership in the discovery and development of their unique self. When the apprentice has successfully completed the program curriculum, he or she will have the opportunity to become a certified Professional Wealth Advisor within the Founders Financial community.1

How it Works

At the commencement of the Institute, each apprentice will receive a development plan that will serve as a blueprint for their five-year professional development journey. Each development phase has defined milestones for educational study, skill development, professional designation acquisition, and performance criteria that must be achieved to progress to the next phase of the program curriculum.



Your Legacy Starts Here

At the culmination of the program, you will have the opportunity to begin a professional calling to serve others as a certified Professional Wealth Advisor at an established wealth management enterprise in the Founders Financial community.1 The program will empower you with the leadership skills, experience, and professional acumen required to lead the relationships under your care in pursuit of their goals and dreams.

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