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" TRU Enterprise OS delivers the freedom advisors want by removing hassles without encroaching on what makes them truly independent. It's our philosophy of interdependence put into action." — CEO, Brad Shepherd

TRU Enterprise OS combines our suite of proven advisor solutions to simplify enterprise management, freeing up your time to focus on building and enhancing relationships

Holistic infographic respresentation of Founders Financial's TruEnterpriseOS showcasing compliance platform, investment platform, technology platform, marketing platform, and administrative platform

Connect People, Process, & Technology to Create Unparalleled Delight

Wouldn't it be great if every part of your enterprise were in sync and worked together instead of apart?

You'll be happier with how your business functions, enjoying greater productivity and efficiency — leaving more time for your client relationships.

Why? Because our suite of integrated platforms is intentionally designed to seamlessly work across our ecosystem, created by and for independent financial advisors and professionals experienced in managing business operations.

Amazing Client Experiences & a Streamlined Middle- and Back-Office

Deliver powerful experiences to client relationships and connect business operations to eliminate manual processes and streamline workflows for greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Insource or Outsource Your Investment Management — We've Got You Covered

Manage your own investments with flexible solutions. Through our comprehensive suite of solutions, you have the ability to manage investments on your own, outsource to a third-party, or leverage our one-of-a-kind second-party investment management.

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Plan & Prepare Your Perfect Week Without Lifting a Finger

Bring back time to your day for building relationships and leave the complexity of client and business operations behind you.

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Elevate Your Brand, Grow Advocacy & Opportunities at Every Touchpoint

Build brand ambassadors and deepen the strength of your relationships through engagement while fostering new opportunities for growth.

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Manage & Protect Your Enterprise with Partners, Not Roadblocks

Protect and defend your enterprise from changing regulations with a team that pushes you forward rather than holds you back.

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The technology part of the practice is one of the most important elements to providing a high level of service. One of the most innovative parts of EMS is that I am an integral part of the development of the offering, as are the other Member Partners of Founders. Without a doubt, Founders is - in a way - in the business of technology.

Mark Darrell Member Partner since 1997

Since I’ve joined Founders, my enterprise has just flourished. Because of the Founders and because of executing on the things that were available to me.

Charlie Roberts DreamBridge Financial Member Partner since 2014

If you value your time, use FCMS.

Luis Padilla Member Partner since 2009

Are you ready for something different?

Brad Shepherd  Chief Executive Officer

"As CEO of Founders, I've seen firsthand the difference we can make in the lives of our members. I can't wait to learn more about you and discover how we can help you achieve your dreams."

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Bradley Shepherd, CEO Founders Financial
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