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"It's amazing to witness the transformation our Member Partners experience when they are liberated to maximize the time they dedicate to growing relationships." — Philip Dubay, Director of Integration

Every area of the enterprise is important, but your time is limited. Grow and enhance your relationships while our administrative support team handles the critical but time consuming areas of your practice.

Holistic view of Founders Administrative Platform approach including collaboration, integration, communication, and accuracy

Our Approach

Focus On What You Enjoy Most.
Outsource Everything Else to Us.

Positioning your enterprise for growth requires a great supporting team so that you can focus on leading your enterprise and relationships forward. Advisors often find themselves trapped by inefficiency with too few resources and time to promote significant change and growth.

That's why we've developed a solution for advisors who want to scale their operations and gain balance without adding significant overhead and the burden of managing more resources.

Founders Financial Administrative Platform dashboard on surface computer

Spend More Time Growing Your Enterprise & Less On Administration

We assemble the staff and processes to transform your enterprise and take responsibility for the administrative needs of the business.

  • Financial plan preparation and updates
  • Forms preparation and processing
  • Investment plan preparation
  • Data gathering and entry
  • Reporting and annual review preparations
  • Client communications
  • Technology set up

Do you know how much your time is costing you?
Let's find out.

Calculate Your Time Saved
Illustration of a perfect week

Centralized Controls

Watch Your Perfect Week Come Together at a Glance

See all of the activities and appointments coming down the pipeline — planning your time and client follow-ups with just a few clicks.

Collection of Founders Financial streamlined administrative support forms process

Capture Accurate & Complete Data with a Guided Digital Process

Add efficiency to the data-gathering process and eliminate back-and-forth communications. We digitize the collection of information using custom forms to gather data seamlessly and save time for everyone.

Founders Financial Administrative Platform ticket dashboard on laptop

No More Wondering, Crystal Clear Visibility at Your Fingertips

See all of your client relationship activities, statuses, and what's coming up next right from your dashboard.

Advisor branded email on client iPhone sent from Founders administrative platform

Pre-Schedule Communications That Showcase Your Brand or Personality

Standard communications are automated for efficiency, but each one still has the information and personal touch representative of you and your brand.

Quote on Founders Administrative Platform by Bill Kessler, Kessler Investments, Member Partner since 2002

Process & Workflows

Onboarding That Doesn't Feel
Like a Struggle Anymore

Give your relationships a great experience out of the gate and throughout their enterprise journey by taking the guesswork out of "what's next?". Defined processes and support empower you to set expectations, communicate clearly, and serve all relationships with the highest degree of care.

Statistic: an average of 37 hours saved per month working with Founders Relationship Management Team

Actionable Data to Better Support Relationships & the Enterprise

Plan your daily and weekly activities with greater clarity once your business operations become more predictable. Your relationships will benefit too when you can use data to guide improvements and decision-making opportunities.

Founders administrative support team members in meeting space with plant and frosted glass smiling

Your Team

We Hire, Train, & Manage the Talent,
You Focus On Your Relationships

We assemble the professional administrative team that works for you — getting you out of the business of resource management.

Sample messages customized from Founders administrative platform support team on behalf of advisors

Your Brand Always Takes the Marquee Position

Your brand is the only one in the spotlight. Each team member is trained to represent your brand in a professional, friendly, and consistent manner.

Quote from administrative platform subscriber and Member Partner, Brian Schlosser.

Keep the Behind-the-Scenes Operations Running Smoothly

You have the power of a scalable team that grows with you and supports the enterprise so that you can focus on your relationships.

I don't believe that there was any other institution that I had spoken with or about that offered anything parallel to what I found in Founders Financial. They gave great confidence to those that they spoke to and I can honestly say that they delivered on it; everything and then some.

Carol Miskovich Member Partner since 2008

They weren’t looking for what I could give them. They were looking for what they could provide me. And they went right to my heart. And that is what they were interested in.

Charlie Roberts Member Partner since 2014

Are you ready to liberate yourself and help your business run more efficiently?

Philip Dubay  Director, Member Partner Integration

"We've helped our Member Partners scale their businesses and achieve balance across their enterprises. I'd love to hear your story and see if we can help you do the same."

Let's Connect
Philip Dubay, Director, Member Partner Integration
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