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"I love helping our Member Partners tell their story. It's inspiring, & I'm proud that we can provide the resources to help them grow & make an impact on others." — Steven Watts, Managing Director of Marketing

Build your own community of brand ambassadors and engage them when and where it matters most — deepening those relationships and attracting new opportunities.

Our Approach

Marketing Tools & Strategies Built for the Marketer & Non-Marketer Alike

When marketing isn't your number one focus, it can be challenging to build a presence, engage relationships, and drive pipeline growth. You're either juggling time, passing responsibility to someone else, or, worst of all, failing to use marketing at all. This leads to inconsistency, lackluster marketing, and missing your goals.

Effective marketing that elevates your brand and enhances your relationships doesn't have to be intimidating or out of reach. We democratize marketing using an intuitive digital platform and a proven set of strategies focused on adding and growing relationships.

Delight your relationships. Elevate your brand. Create opportunities.

Founders Marketing Suite automated support system showcasing happy birthday emails, marketing insights, holiday cards

Marketing Automation

Plan, Schedule, & Share Your Branded Communications Anytime, Anywhere

We've put all of your marketing tools into one easy-to-use, powerful platform. Marketers of all skill levels can save valuable time and achieve meaningful results using these tools to grow their relationships and elevate their brand to new audiences everywhere.

All of your marketing tools together, ready to simplify and empower your marketing operations.

Want to See a Demo?

Personalized Email Marketing That Stands Out, Even In a Crowded Inbox

Create, personalize, and schedule your marketing emails with easy-to-use templates to engage relationships with relevant content.

Illustration of Founders Marketing Suite social post builder on an iPad

Build and Publish Social Media Campaigns Across Approved Networks

Easily create, schedule, and share pre-approved content to your social networks from the same place you build campaigns.

Illustration of Founders Marketing Suite websites on responsive devices

Create a Great First Impression with a Modern, Professional Website

Build a new website or refresh an old one using beautiful templates designed with UI/UX best practices baked right in. Share the story and mission of your brand, showcase the depth of services you offer, and generate new opportunities that want to connect.

  • Template library
  • SEO tools
  • Lead generation
  • One-click compliance
  • Copywriting
  • Integrated analytics

Websites developed in partnership with FMG Suite, LLC

Founders marketing suite custom branded to advisors website

Branded Content

Share Content That Delights Your Relationships & Features Your Brand

Our comprehensive library gives you access to industry content and media developed by trade experts. Personalize everything with your brand to make it your own, including: emails and social posts, market commentaries, videos, blogs, lead generation tools, web pages, and more.

  • Refreshed daily
  • Written by industry experts and strategists
  • Compliance-ready

Build your voice and position yourself as a thought leader with content that is ready to share and features your unique brand.

Relationship First Approach

Put Decades of Experience to Work for You with Proven Paths to Success

Access insights and proven strategies for success from leaders who have built successful enterprises and understand that strategy is more than just a set of tools.

Discover how focusing on serving relationships and using your influence to attract like-minded people can help you grow your enterprise and reach your dreams.

The strategic and the tactical come together to magnetize people to you and your enterprise.

Explore Strategic Enterprise Program
Founders Marketing Suite powered by FMG showcasing one-click compliance on laptop sitting in office

One-Click Compliance

Eliminate Manual Submissions &
Share Your Content Without Delay

A built-in compliance workflow automatically routes all website and content changes to the Compliance team for approval directly within the platform. Gain full visibility into the approval process by checking the status of your submissions using our compliance dashboard.

Save time. Eliminate friction. Stay compliant.

Explore Compliance

Are you ready to put marketing to work and connect more with your relationships?

Steven Watts  Managing Director, Marketing & Communications

"Working in the marketing profession for over 15 years, I know that anyone can do great marketing if they have the right tools and strategy. I'd love to sit down and listen to your goals and see how marketing can help you achieve them."

Let's Connect
Steve Watts, Founders Financial Managing Director of Marketing and Communications
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