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  • Prepare Your Legacy

    Our team helps you develop a custom succession strategy designed just for you. Understand and consider all of the options available — M&A, internal succession, and more — so that you can select the best strategy and course of action.

    Plan early and ensure a smooth transfer of ownership when the time is right for your enterprise.



  • Find Your Successor

    We can help you find the right successor for your enterprise. Evaluate internal options, explore M&A, or develop your successor through our Apprenticeship Institute. Our goal is to ensure that your relationships are comfortable with the transition and that the service model you have built remains the top priority of your successor.

    Our network and experience help you find the best fit for your enterprise.



  • Grow Through M&A

    If you are looking to grow through M&A, you want new relationships to feel comfortable and confident about you and your enterprise. Thus, it’s imperative to engage with someone who has a shared sense of values and culture. Our succession planning team will guide you step by step through sourcing and selecting, valuation, contracting, and transition.

    Feel supported knowing you have a partner throughout the M&A process.



  • Value Your Practice

    Find out what your enterprise is worth and remove the guesswork. Our team works with you to analyze and assess the business to arrive at a valuation that reflects the long-term economic value you have created through your enterprise.

    Our experienced team helps you assess and monetize the economic value of your enterprise.



  • Protect with Continuity Planning

    Being prepared for unforeseen events is one way you can protect the important work that you do for your relationships. We help you to establish a continuity strategy to ensure that your relationships and business are cared for.

    Protect the people and things in your care — if or when disaster strikes.

Protect & Grow Your Legacy

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Protect Your Enterprise & Relationships Served

With Member Partner firms nationwide, you have access to an established network of advisor practices that offer succession options with like-minded advisors who share common values and are committed to servant-leading the relationships under their care. You also have the flexibility to look for external opportunities.


Allow us to serve as a partner in your business continuity planning so you can work confidently, knowing that your enterprise and the relationships you care for are taken care of.

Monetize the Enterprise Value You Created

Assess the economic value of your enterprise and develop a strategy to monetize it. We conduct a thorough analysis of the financials, client demographics, and operational efficiency of your practice to help you assess fair market value. We’ll help connect you with potential buyers, negotiate terms, and support you throughout the transition process.


Realize the economic value of your practice and ensure the well-being of your relationships for the long term.

Let's protect and honor what you've built.

Brad Shepherd  Chief Executive Officer

"I want to help make this part of your career and life as easy and enjoyable as possible. I can't wait to talk with you and learn how we can help you with this transition."

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Bradley Shepherd, CEO Founders Financial
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