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Become an unconscious and skilled servant leader of your enterprise, mastering both the strategic and tactical to grow yourself, your relationships, and your business.

Our Approach

Liberate Your Spirit & Enterprise to
Find Personal & Professional Freedom

The Strategic Enterprise Program™ is the personal and professional development program for advisors who are committed to continual growth and self-discovery. Through our guided and proprietary teachings, you will become a trusted servant leader of your enterprise and the relationships you serve.

Our program empowers you to become the CEO of your purpose-rich, servant-led financial planning enterprise by building the strategic, tactical, technological, and human resources required for success.

Discover who you truly are, what is important to you, why you serve, and how to care for relationships under your leadership.

Side by side pyramid illustration of how Founders Financial Strategic Enterprise Program values the importance of growth of self, stakeholders, enterprise, and community served


Growth Isn't a One-Size-Fits-All Plan, It's a System for Personal Development

Truly sustainable growth means more than just what ends up on an income statement each quarter. It requires ongoing assessment of your enterprise and the development of dimensional skills that empower you to impact and influence yourself, your stakeholders, your business, and your community.

Grow a strong, purpose-rich enterprise with proven systems and a guided approach to leadership.

Who We Serve

We're Not Right for Everyone, but Perfect for Growth-Minded Advisors

The Strategic Enterprise Program™ is a personal journey that is unique to each individual. The level of effort and heart invested in this journey determines its value and outcome. It's not for everyone or a trial system — it is a journey with no destination other than your dream. This journey takes dedication, consistency, order, accountability, and commitment.

If you are willing to explore and take hold of your dream, this program will be a remarkably motivating and liberating experience for you.

Discover authentic and personal leadership that will lead you to better attract, develop, and serve relationships.

A collage of the tools available through Founders Financial Strategic Enterprose Program inclusing SWOT analysis, Perfect Week, and and the 20/20 Relationship Capital Management System

Leadership System

Revolutionize the Way You Lead with Our Time-Tested System for Growth

Becoming a true servant leader requires the right tools and guidance to stay focused on what's most important. Our program offers engaged partnership and a proprietary proven platform to assess and measure you as the growth engine of your dreams.

Use the tools and systematized approach to grow and track your progress along your unique journey.

Founders Financial CEO, Bradley Shepherd leading a Strategic Enterprise Program meeting in a boardroom

Guided Partnership That Walks with You Toward Your Enterprise Dream

Your journey may be unique, but you won't be alone on the road to continual self-discovery and growth. Our Founder and Chairman, Michael O. Brooks, and CEO, Brad Shepherd, will personally support you in pursuit of your dreams.

Founders Financial Strategic Enterprise Program community forum engagement

Break Free from Isolation with a Spirited Community By Your Side

Collaborate with our community of passionate independent financial advisors going through their own unique enterprise journey. Share ideas and feel supported by peers that want to see you succeed.

Graphic of Member Partner Firm, FairWay Financial.

Develop Your Mission &
Execute Your Called Upon Purpose

The mission statement serves as a tool of leadership that empowers all stakeholders to embrace and execute its cause. Through the mission development process, you will gain an understanding of your called purpose and learn how to deploy it at all levels of leadership within your enterprise.

Founders Chairman, Michael Brooks on a virtual Strategic Enterprise Program (SEP) call with Member Partner, Brian Schlosser

Strategic & Tactical Planning with a Dedicated Guide to Support You

Develop a roadmap to reach your short- and long-term goals and guide your journey all the way toward your enterprise dream.

Founders Financial Strategic Enterprise Program Technology assessment tool to navigate personal and professional growth

Powerful Enterprise Platform to Navigate Your Growth Journey

Develop a strategy to grow your enterprise and map out the tactical steps needed to get there. Collaborate with your dedicated guide and use integrated planning tools to manage and track your personal and professional progress.

Founders Financial's Strategic Enterprise Program technology dashbord on laptop, showcasing the videos available in the curriculum hosted by Founder and Chairman, Michael O. Brooks

Self-Paced Curriculum to Inspire Your Growth as a Servant Leader

A personalized, self-paced curriculum with real-life experiences and stories to inspire and motivate you along your journey. With a dedicated guide and access to proprietary courses developed by Founder & Chairman, Michael O. Brooks, you'll have all the tools you need to grow as a servant leader.


Secure Your Legacy with a Partnered Approach to Succession Planning

Designed to protect and grow your enterprise while ensuring continuity of care for you and the relationship in your care. We partner with you to prepare your business for the future, help you monetize your practice, and successfully transition it to the next generation of wealth management leaders. Retire with peace of mind knowing your legacy is in good hands.

Protect your legacy and the clients you've cared for while monetizing the business you've built.

Explore Succession Planning

The Strategic Enterprise Program allows me to focus my efforts and attention to the little objectives that will ultimately help me to achieve something truly special, for both my business and my clients.

Bill Kessler Member Partner since 2002

I have a hard time referring to Founders Financial as a "Broker Dealer." They are so much more than that. They are your partners, they are your family, and it's completely different than the type of business relationship that I was used to.

Charlie Roberts Member Partner since 2014

You know, every time I think of the people that I know from Founders, it just makes me smile.

Jodi Brush Member Partner since 2017

If you value your time, use FCMS.

Luis Padilla Member Partner since 2009

The technology part of the practice is one of the most important elements to providing a high level of service. One of the most innovative parts of EMS is that I am an integral part of the development of the offering, as are the other Member Partners of Founders. Without a doubt, Founders is - in a way - in the business of technology.

Mark Darrell Member Partner since 1997

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Are you ready to take the next step toward becoming a great leader for your enterprise?

Brad Shepherd  Chief Executive Officer

"I'd love to hear about your dreams and work together to help you become a great CEO for your enterprise."

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Bradley Shepherd, CEO Founders Financial
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