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We’re not afraid to be different.
It produces what others can’t even imagine.





Our Mission 

To positively impact the lives and professions of those we serve, always building a community of spirit and purpose as we grow our collective Human Quotient™.




Driven by People & Relationships

We prioritize people and always build relationships based on love and respect — surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who share our values and dedicate themselves to serving others. We believe in the power of interdependence, and that success comes from great people working together.





Servant Leadership Culture

We prioritize the needs of our Member Partners and focus on service to others to create a positive and supportive community of leaders. Our goal is to make a positive impact in everything we do.


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Privately Owned

We are a privately owned enterprise that prioritizes the well-being of our Member Partners and stakeholders. We’re empowered to make strategic decisions that align with our mission, values, and long-term goals that best serve our community.


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Empowerment to Lead & Grow

We help our Member Partners achieve their enterprise dreams by developing their personal and professional skills. We set you up to succeed at every stage of your journey, continually focusing on your matters of importance. Our approach has earned us recognition as a leading RIA and broker-dealer by top industry organizations.


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Holistic infographic respresentation of Founders Financial's TruEnterpriseOS showcasing compliance platform, investment platform, technology platform, marketing platform, and administrative platform

Built By & For

Our platform is built by independent financial advisors for independent financial advisors with decades of experience leading successful wealth management enterprises. We understand your challenges and continually innovate to develop tailored solutions that are industry-leading and grounded in what’s most important to our community.


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Our Values |

Our enterprise is founded upon the spirit of Human Quotient™ — always rooted in principles of partnership and upheld through our Built By and For culture.




Exploring the Difference Between Us
& Other RIA—Broker-Dealers



Relationship Model

Intentional relationships built with independent financial advisors who seek a trusted partner that promotes true growth and lasting purpose for their enterprise.

Economic Model

Volume and revenue-driven recruiting practices create “lowest common denominators,” mandating the b/d place limits and controls on independent financial advisors.

Advisor as a Member Partner

Independent financial advisors have a voice that is valued and heard, a “seat at the table” that both provides and reaps the benefits of shared wisdom and relationships.

Advisor as a Number

Quantity over quality approach leaves the voice of each individual advisor unheard, creating a profound deficiency in b/d’s understanding of the needs of each “rep.”


Member Partners combine to create a community of like-minded professionals who strive towards individual and collective excellence through servant leadership and active participation.


Advisor’s acceptance of the “status quo” independent model enables the b/d to benefit from each advisor’s growth while keeping much of the burden on independent business owners.

Built By and For

Best-of-breed solutions are developed alongside our Member Partners, delivering tailored, comprehensive, and fully-supported platforms.

Black Box Model

Find-it-yourself solutions provide breadth of choice for the advisor and allows the b/d to remain at arms-length, removing the need to fully support each “rep.”

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