Our Mission

The mission of the Enterprise Management Suite is to provide technological leadership and strategic planning to ensure the effective management and implementation of all technology services. We will partner with key vendors to provide ongoing improvement of services to Member Partners.

It is the vision of EMS to operate as a strategic partner to all Member Partners by focusing on service through providing IT solutions and services that are proactive, timely and efficient.

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The Technology and Tools of Tomorrow…

...Built for Today's Community of Leaders

EMS brings together the best technologies and tools the industry has to offer in order to give Members of the Founders Financial Community greater control over the productivity, scalability and efficiency of their business.

As an integrated suite of technologies, EMS supports the five distinct business experiences of an independent financial advisor, allowing him or her to best serve the dreams and goals of their clients while running a successful practice.

The technology partners selected to be a part of Founders EMS are not only leaders in their particular area of expertise, but they work in conjunction with one another to deliver a streamlined platform that is intelligent and efficient.

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Founders EMS