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Setting a Different Standard for Relationships: Independent vs. Interdependent

by Founders Financial — Building a business and navigating the path toward your own freedom and dreams is an incredible feat that only so many people have the opportunity to experience. You had the vision and bravery to heed that independent calling, while many others — for any number of good reasons — chose not to. But in the world of advisory practices, broker-dealers, and this industry we call financial services, the word ‘independent’ often gets misrepresented and misunderstood.

Many independent financial advisors are often very dependent on many other people and partnerships. These relationships play an integral part in the advisor’s enterprise. Therefore, instead of independent, one might suggest that interdependent is a more accurate description when talking about the relationship between your advisory practice and the broker-dealer you work with.


Download the Are You Really Independent Whitepaper!

So why does interdependent make more sense? This week we’re examining independence vs. interdependence in our latest whitepaper, “Are You Really Independent?”

Founders CEO, Brad Shepherd, provides a unique perspective on why the financial services industry refers to a business model as independent when that is not an accurate characterization. He discusses how this mischaracterization surrenders the meaning of real partnerships and relationships in the process to make the broker-dealer’s business model simpler, easier, and generally less accountable to the advisor they are meant to serve.

Download it now by clicking here and ask yourself: Are you really independent?


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