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Ways to Join

Whether you’re looking for more information or ready to make a move, we treat all inquiries with the utmost condientiality.

Join Founders

Whether you are seeking a dual registration, hybrid-RIA, or “registered representative” structure, Founders has the infrastructure and agility to support your business.

No matter what path you choose, our dedicated transition team will guide you through the move to ensure your experience is positive and to allow you to stay focused on your business.

The Founders Transition Process has been finely tuned over the years by listening to the observations and recommendations of advisors like you, and is personalized based on your specific business and affiliation needs.


Partner with Another Advisor

Financial advisors who are affiliated with Founders have access to industry-leading resources that position them to grow their business and establish a legacy for the future.

Whether you are just starting out, looking to relocate, or seeking a new start at a firm, we are happy to facilitate the discovery and interview process for you.


Evaluate Succession and Acquisition

Sometimes you just want a sense of how you’re doing as compared to the industry or perhaps you want to compare a valuation with one from another party.

Our dedicated team of succession planning experts can provide you with a valuation for your business, help you prepare your business for sale, and facilitate the buy/sell process for you.


When I was looking for a new home for my business, Founders was the only organization that talked to me about who I was, what I wanted, and what my dream was. They guided me step by step and made sure I was up to speed on each and every one of their technology platforms. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Brian Schlosser Schlosser Financial Planning Member Partner since 2004

That’s the beauty of Founders. It's independent. It's all about independence. So, it’s designed in a way that you, as an advisor, can make the best decision for each client relationship that you serve.

Brad Jerome Legacy Financial Group, LLC Member Partner since 2008

We chose Founders because we knew that we needed a more intimate relationship with our broker-dealer.

Brad Kellen FairWay Financial Member Partner since 2015

At Founders, they value you as a person, and want to grow you as an individual and as a leader.

Luis Padilla Maryland Wealth Management Member Partner since 2009
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