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Our professional leadership development program offers a personalized guided experience that aligns with each individual’s passions and core beliefs and empowers each candidate to develop a high level of professionalism and servant leadership skills.

Through this five-year program of advanced experiential learning, the apprentice will develop the skills, experience, and acumen required to serve as a professional wealth management advisor. Upon successful completion of the institute, the apprentice can expect to have:

  • Professional Designations

    Achieved their professional designations through high-concentrated studies, such as the SIE, 7 & 66 licenses, and the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation

  • Servant Leadership Focus

    Developed communication and leadership skills along with a recognition of their called purpose of servant leadership

  • Professional Financial Acumen

    Demonstrated ability to analyze client data and make professional financial recommendations based on each client’s matters of importance

  • Networking and Mentorship Experience

    Established personal relationship development opportunities through mentorship and networking in preparation for progression to becoming a professional wealth advisor

  • At the culmination of the program, the apprentice will be ready to begin a professional calling to serve others as a Professional Wealth Advisor within your enterprise.

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