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To differentiate your business, you must adopt and excel with the use of technology to meet the ever-increasing needs of your clients, team, and enterprise. By empowering your business with a technology suite that provides flexibility and drives communication, accountability, and efficiency, you will easily learn and adopt, drive productivity, and deliver incredible client experiences.

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    Our Vision

    We understand what is required to successfully own and operate a purpose rich servant led financial planning enterprise. We have built technology that properly supports those requirements. We constructed a technology vision that is unlike most in our industry. It starts with the premise that technology cannot replace relationships but can help create more time to grow them. We do not leave it to you to figure out what is best of breed and what integrates where. We have already done the work for you and understand what truly differentiates your enterprise is you and your leadership.

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    Client Experience

    Keep your clients focused on their goals and engaged with your business by delivering a comprehensive and accessible experience. From client portals and data collection tools, to risk measurement and financial life management software, with easy to use communication portals, you can lead your client relationships with the tools needed to help them achieve their financial goals – every day of the year.

  • Driving Productivity

    Where you gain efficiency, your clients gain value. With Founders EMS, you have a platform that has considered how you work. We constructed an ecosystem to manage and perform your important business functions. Whether you are onboarding a new client relationship, managing a current client account, preparing to present to a new relationship, managing your workflows and accountability, or performing internal assessments, your data and workflows are streamlined – making your business more productive and you more efficient.

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    Growing Your Business 

    Growing your business means understanding the opportunities that exist within your business. This means understanding how to streamline your enterprise to create time, while identifying areas for growth. We provide access to integrated business management and development resources that include our industry leading practice management coaching program and software. With Founders EMS, you have the tools and support you need to grow your relationships and business – allowing you to fulfill your enterprise mission.

  • Training and Support

    Your personalized team of partners are here to help you optimize this platform for your business. From personalized training plans and coaching, to self-study education, our primary goal is to help you make technology work for your enterprise and relationships served. We continuously vet the industry landscape for new offerings, help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure new integrations are delivered in a way that supports your existing tech infrastructure.

  • Protecting Your Business

    In our ever-evolving technology landscape, it is paramount to proactively protect your business and your clients with a robust cybersecurity program. From two-factor authentication to training on how to implement necessary measures in your office, you can count on our team of experts to provide the guidance, tools, and leadership you need to ensure your legacy and valuable client data is safeguarded.


The technology part of the practice is one of the most important elements to providing a high level of service. One of the most innovative parts of EMS is that I am an integral part of the development of the offering, as are the other Member Partners of Founders. Without a doubt, Founders is - in a way - in the business of technology.

Mark Darrell Darrell Financial Services, LLC Member Partner since 1997

Even though they aren’t a huge broker-dealer, they are cutting edge. They always seem to be a step ahead of other broker-dealers, constantly leading.

Brad Jerome Legacy Financial Group, LLC Member Partner since 2008

Since I’ve joined Founders, my enterprise has just flourished. Because of the Founders and because of executing on the things that were available to me.

Charlie Roberts DreamBridge Financial Member Partner since 2014

Our Integrated Ecosystem

Our holistic platform gives you greater control over the productivity, scalability, and efficiency of your business – allowing you to better serve your clients. 

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