Our Mission

The mission of Freedom Capital Management Strategies® is to provide leadership through our institutional asset management platform by equipping independent financial advisors with the tools to holistically serve their clients’ investment needs along the path to achieving their goals and dreams while also delivering a comprehensive platform that creates scale and efficiency in an independent financial advisory practice, liberating independent financial advisors to lead their enterprises through cultivating authentic client relationships.

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Institutional Asset Management Platform

We have constructed FCMS as a comprehensive asset management platform uniquely designed to serve the important needs of both your clients and your business. At its core, FCMS is an institutional asset management platform constructed to thoughtfully and prudently serve your clients’ asset management needs through a guiding investment philosophy and a definable, repeatable investment process.

However, what makes FCMS unique from other third party money managers is that we understand that your needs as an independent financial advisor go beyond providing thoughtful and prudent asset management to clients.

Create Scale and Efficiency in Your Business.

One of the key tenets of the mission of Freedom Capital Management Strategies is to liberate you to lead your enterprise through cultivating authentic client relationships. The scale and efficiency that can be created by integrating the FCMS platform into your business provides a path toward achieving this goal.

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