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Why FCMS®?

Our turnkey platform delivers professionally managed investment solutions that equip your enterprise to holistically serve the asset management needs of your clients – all while keeping you at the center of the client relationship.

  • Integrates into the fabric of your enterprise

    FCMS delivers the scale and efficiency of a TAMP while elevating the advisor’s value proposition – keeping you at the center of the client relationship.

  • Institutional Investment Process with a Twist

    FCMS unites the essential components of traditional investment theory with the original thinking of modern strategies by combining active management, modern diversification, and risk mitigation.

  • Dedicated Investment Committee

    An experienced investment committee oversees the investment strategies and institutional investment process, which ensures continuity in the management of your clients’ assets.

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    Comprehensive Investment Solutions

    The solutions you need to serve your clients, including managed accounts, employer-sponsored retirement plans, and insurance-based products.

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    Innovative Communications and Marketing Support

    A suite of brandable communications and a team of consultants behind you, you are empowered to set yourself apart from the competition.


FCMS delivers incredible value to me without diluting my brand or value proposition.

Mark Darrell Darrell Financial Services, LLC Member Partner since 1997

That’s the beauty of Founders. It's independent. It's all about independence. So, it’s designed in a way that you, as an advisor, can make the best decision for each client relationship that you serve.

Brad Jerome Legacy Financial Group, LLC Member Partner since 2008

If you value your time, use FCMS.

Luis Padilla Maryland Wealth Management Member Partner since 2009

The Power of Second Party Asset Management

Get the scale and efficiency of third-party management without diluting your brand. Your value is elevated and your legacy is strengthened.  

Comparison Chart of Founders Asset Management Platform and Third Party Asset Management

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