Our Mission

The Mission of Founders Financial Securities, LLC is To Positively Impact the Lives and Professions of Those We Serve, Always Building A Community Of Spirit And Purpose As We Grow Our Collective Human Quotientâ„¢

**Founders Financial Securities, LLC is a private and exclusive broker dealer available only to the independent Member Partners of Founders Financial Inc.

Our Purpose & Promise

As an organization of independent financial professionals, Founders Financial Securities, LLC understands implicitly the challenge each of our Member Partners face every day.

Founders Financial Securities, LLC is your business partner for the effective management of your securities business. Whether it is new business processing, using technology efficiently, managing client relationships, researching investment information, communicating with those in the marketplace, or simply just managing your staff. It is important to us, that each of these areas work smoothly together creating harmony in your business.

To accomplish this, we provide our Member Partners with a customized business plan managed together through periodic communication and accountability measures.

Founders Financial, Inc Our Community Plaque
A Firm Customized by our Member Partners for our Member Partners

By defining who enters into our private Member Partner Community, and maintaining strict focus on the highest of professional standards throughout the enterprise, Founders Financial is able to provide customized benefits, which have been mutually determined by all Members that positively impact their business and that of Founders Financial, Inc.

The following features of our custom built broker dealer are designed to provide each Member Partner Firm an extensive resource platform for the efficient management of an independent securities practice.

Direct access to the leadership and management of the company.
Shared knowledge: Best Practice, Study Groups with other top financial advisors Educational Forums.
Best practice business process training and continuing education.
Dedicated support from people who understand your enterprise needs.
Founders Financial CPA Member Partner Program.
Preferred Partner relationships with top industry product providers.
Technology driven business processing/client management tools.
Customized and branded resources for presentations of advice/client communications.
Customizable marketing programs to help effectively grow the businesses.
Clearing services through Pershing and Trust Company of America.
Paperless office technology and business processing.
Compensation levels up to 90%.